Improved Dough Handling

Improving Dough Handling and Stability

Are you looking for Improved Dough Handling in your baked goods?

EmuLux® 602-44 is a cryo-crystallised palm-based alternative to DATEM and SSL.  Its functionalities in sliced bread include strengthening the dough gluten matrix, reduced stickiness at the dividing and moulding stage,  improved dough stability during the prooving stage and greater gas retention resulting in larger baked volume with a finer crumb cell texture.

To demonstrate the improved dough handling and stability properties, trials were run using a lean recipe and stressful pressure vacuum CBP mixing process followed by conventional processing and independent assessment.


Ingredient Description/Type Control (g) Trial (g) % flour weight
White Wheatflour Breadmaking 10.5% protein 5000 5000 100.0
Water Temperature adjusted 2900 2900 58.0
Compressed Yeast Fast acting Bakers yeast 150 150 3
Salt Pure Vacuum Dried 75 75 1.5
Dough conditioner Ascorbic acid/FAA enzyme .375 / .025 .375 / .025 (75ppm FW / 5 ppm FW)
MonoLux 602-31 DATEM (powder) 7.5 0 0.15
MonoLux 602-48 SSL (powder) 7.5 0 0.15
EmuLux® 602-44 Cryo-crystallised Palm Fat Powder 0 15 0.30


  1. Water temperature adjusted to achieve a final dough temperature of 28 – 28.5°C after mixing.
  2. Ingredients mixed using a pressure vacuum mixer (11.5wh/kg pressurised +0.6 bar / vacuum -0.6 bar).
  3. Dough divided at 920 gms.
  4. Intermediate proof for 3 minutes.
  5. Dough moulded on long bed moulder as a 4 piece and placed into prepared tins.
  6. Dough prooved to height (c. 45 minutes at 40°C/80% relative humidity) then shock tested by dropping 10mm.
  7. Baked 240°C for 30 minutes (top heat 5/bottom heat 5).
  8. Loaves cooled for 90 minutes then sliced and wrapped.


EmuLux® 602-44 produced a bread dough with a ‘drier’ feel at the dividing and moulding stage and provided superior dough stability / tolerance during the proving stage (virtual elimination of blistering) as well as enabling the removal of E472e / E481 from the ingredient declaration.

Improved Dough Handling, Stable Prooving

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