Bakery Emulsifier Alternative

Improved dough handling

Doughs containing EmuLux® mixed using a high-speed mixing process were judged to be less sticky and drier to touch.

Greater proof stability

Doughs containing EmuLux® showed no sign of collapse after shock testing the proved doughs.

Enhanced baked volume

Breads made using EmuLux® delivered on an average 3% greater volume compared to control.

The process and the benefits

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Our Sources

EmuLux® is available from the following sources

Emulux - RSPO Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil

RSPO: 9-5002-23-100-02


Palm based EmuLux® is sourced from either RSPO segregated or mass balance stock offering a range of melt points.

Emulux - Rapeseed Speciality Lipid


Rapeseed based EmuLux® is manufactured from fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil to obtain an optimum melt point.

Emulux - Sunflower Speciality Lipid


Sunflower based EmuLux® is manufactured from fully hydrogenated sunflower oil to obtain an optimum melt point.

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Today from our UK base we develop, produce and supply an extensive range of high quality ingredients to the world’s food and pharmaceutical industries as well as into a number of specialised technical application areas.

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